Congratulations were in order in July to two of our walk leaders, Marion and Clive, who both celebrated their birthdays on the same day.

Marion, with her husband Ian, and Clive were among the six people who attended the very first Walking for Health walk organised by David Arney in 2003. Marion and Clive subsequently both attended the same first walk leader training course for the Holsworthy group in 2005 and have both been enthusiastic advocates of the walking group throughout.

Having now reached her 90th birthday Marion primarily leads the Monday walk in the park and still steps out at a brisk pace with a spring in her step. Clive, with a while to go before reaching his 90th birthday, regularly back marks on the Monday and Friday walks.

A spokesperson said: “We had an enjoyable morning in the park and Pavilion to celebrate the events with a walk followed by coffee and cake. Although Marion is well known for her baking skills she was taken by surprise to, not only be greeted by the Group singing Happy Birthday, but presented with a cake, on this occasion from Hot Totties Tea Room and Cafe which went down a treat. Marion was asked what her secret is for staying so fit and active. You’ve guessed it – walking.

“During our walk at Meeth Quarry Nature Reserve we came across a Sky TV crew who were filming for a documentary on butterflies which is due to be released in 2025. Until 1990 the quarry produced clay for export employing up to 50 local people at its peak in 1970. Devon Wildlife Trust took over the management of the Quarry site in 2013 and have transformed the area into a wildlife haven with many rare species of plants, insects and butterflies.

“The camaraderie and joy experienced during the birthday celebrations and the awareness that we have renown ecological sites on our doorstep highlights that walking in a group can be much more than ‘just walking’.”

If anyone would like to join the group they walk on Mondays and Fridays. All walks start at 10.30am and are free. Membership forms are available from volunteer walk leaders prior to the start of the walk.

The website has lots of up to date information, together with the current programme of walks, details below.

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