Three cars were severely damaged after a vehicle fire in a supermarket car park.

Fire crews were called to reports of a vehicle fire in the car park of Asda, Bodmin at approximately 5pm on February 14.

After a car caught alight, the flames spread to two vehicles parked either side of it in a location close to the entrance to the supermarket. Videos shared to local social media groups show the middle of the three cars well alight, with the flames spreading to the two cars next to it.

An eye witness at the scene praised the work of the firefighters, who they said got the situation under control as quickly as they could. The eye witness added that despite the dramatic blaze, shoppers leaving the store were relatively unperturbed, with many filming and sharing the video to friends and local social media groups.

The witness also said that despite attempts to trace the owner of the car, no one had immediately came forward in the time they were witnessing the fire.

After fire crews extinguished the fire, the scene involving the three vehicles was taped off while the cars awaited recovery.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service has not yet publicly commented on this incident.