Greening Camelford works to create more green areas in Camelford, to increase biodiversity andencourage more pollinators and wildlife, and to sow seeds, plant bulbs, shrubs and trees and has worked hard to create a space at Sir James Smith’s Community School for this purpose.

The volunteer group welcomes spring, and celebrates Mothers’ Day weekend, by holding a fundraising Plant & Cake sale at the Band Stand on Saturday, March 18, starting at 9.30am, with wild strawberries, poppies,herbs, currant bushes, indoor plants, bunches of flowers and more on offer. The annual general meeting will follow on Tuesday, March 21, at 7 pm in the Old Bank.

A spokesperson said: “At the AGM we welcome anyone who’d like to be involved, whether planning, fund-raising, sowing, planting or maintaining our projects. We need a dynamic publicity volunteer and more gardening volunteers as we can only do as much work as we have physical energy for. There’ll be elections for the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and other committee positions - do step forward!

“This year at the AGM, thanks to a suggestion from a member of the public, there will be a seed swap: bring seeds in clearly labelled packets to swap with others or collect seeds for a small donation. We hope that this might grow into a bigger annual event - have you got experience of such events, and if so will you come along and help us organise the next one?”

Speaking about the wildflower area at the school the spokesperson said: “We created a wildlife garden between Sir James Smith’s School and Camelford Primary, with over 100 trees, fruit bush hedges, wild flower areas and paths cut between swathes of long grass. Three rowan trees were planted in the autumn outside Sir James Smith’s Creative Arts Block. New gates to outside areas, designed by students, are just about to be installed in the primary school.

“In public areas, keep your eyes open when parking as wild flower seeds are scattered in the turfstripped stretch inside St Thomas’ Church yard, like last year. These are to be sown, too, in other places around Camelford. Greening Camelford has planted trees at Week’s Rise (and wild flower seed, and daffodil bulbs), as well as bulbs and primroses at Pras-an-Ferla. We’d love each estate to have a group of people wanting to plant, sow, nurture the green areas with support from the group.

“We’re delighted that Daniel Dowton who works in forestry has offered to donate 100 trees, with canes and spirals for planting in 2023: oaks, cherry, rowan, birch and some shrubby trees like hazel and holly, all 30 to 40 cm bareroot. Please contact Greening Camelford if you’d like to plant one or more in your own garden, or somewhere else you have permission to plant.”

The group welcome new members— contact [email protected] or [email protected] to see how to help make Camelford Green.