BUDE Police have announced the introduction of a new security system to keep residents and businesses safe.  

‘Storenet’ is an interconnected network which allows businesses across an area to communicate to make each other aware of potential crimes taking place and allowing businesses to react appropriately.    PC Nina from Bude Police made the announcement that the system had been introduced in the town. She said: “Today we went 'live' with system and its been a joy to see the community work together and get on board with this initiative.  

“This system affords our town more security, additional crime prevention and reassurance for the whole community.  

“Look out for the Storenet stickers in the windows!”  

As well as having contact with each other, businesses will also have a direct route of communication with the police.  

“There is now a direct link to myself, other stores and help build a safer community, identifying and dealing with shoplifters in a more timely and efficient manner and added support to lone workers in the town to name just a few of the benefits,” Nina continued.  

“We have more retailers and hospitality signing up and look forward to adding them to the Storenet system in Bude. 

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the community on this initiative and a huge thank you to everyone who is helping to rebuild confidence in the police and community spirit.”

 Among businesses which have already signed up to the system are: Anns Cottage Surf Shop, Boots, HPT Sports, Saltrock, The Merchantman, Trading Post, and Bude Police, with more reportedly looking to join.