Big upgrades are expected at Launceston Leisure Centre after it has received a nearly £800,000 cash injection. 

Back at the end 2022, Launceston Leisure Centre was threatened with closure and possible demolition. However, following the intervention of local groups the community’s much-loved leisure centre was saved. 

Now, nearly a year on, the centre is going from strength to strength, and it was recently announced that the residents should expect some upgrades to the site after it was awarded nearly £800,000 in dilapidation funding.

This funding is a result of condition in which the centre was taken over. Therefore, this money can be used to make repairs and also upgrade the building.  

Michael Davey, a local businessman and head of the Community Interest Group which now run Launceston Leisure Centre said:  “The money is just under £800,000, around £790,000.  

“The money is going to be used to do a couple of things, we hope to build a cafe up at the site, enlarge the gym and have it looking out over the Coronation Park, and we plan to repair the roof.”

Michael told the Post that their priority is creating a cafe for the site, as this will hopefully increase revenue and bring the centre closer to becoming a profitable venture. 

“I’m going to do the cafe first as we’ve got to do a lot more structural detail with regards to what we’re going to do with the roof,” he said.  “Because the cafe is, I think, going to help with the day-to-day running costs of the building, I think that will really help it turn itself round in profitability. 

“Hopefully it will make it make a profit rather than a loss each month. It is still making a loss each month at the moment but the losses are getting less and less, therefore its getting closer and closer to being able to wash its own face.” 

Michael even said that the group running the centre have already asked architects to begin drawing up plans for the new facility. 

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