DESERTED roads around the region can only point to one thing — the Government’s message to ‘Stay at Home’ must be getting through.

Normally over the Easter holidays, the motorways, A and B roads in the county are teeming with cars, caravans and motorhomes.

But this (pictured), was the view of the A30 on the stretch of road past Launceston at the weekend, with not a vehicle in sight.

There had been major concern that the holidays and lockdown, teamed with the forecast good weather, would draw holidaymakers to the region, increasing the possible spread of Coronavirus and putting a potential strain on the Westcountry hospitals.

Before the weekend, in his address to the country, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the message was an instruction and not a request.

Mr Hancock, who recently ended his self-isolation after contracting the virus, said: “We cannot relax our discipline now. If we do, people will die. I end with the advice we all know. This advice is not a request, it is an instruction. Stay at home, protect lives and then you will be doing your part.”

The warning added to messages from tourism bosses, police and Cornwall Council urging people to stay away.

The council received complaints alleging that some holiday accommodation providers were still having holiday makers in their premises and operating illegally.

The council’s enforcement team began the task of writing to all holiday accommodation owners, letting agents and online booking platforms in Cornwall who are not exempt to the COVID-19 orders to ask for their co-operation in complying with the orders.

However, it seems the message might be sinking in.

Camelford Police posted a number of photographs over the weekend from coastal car parks, showing very few vehicles and very few people.

Sector Inspector Julian Morris said: “In my view, the majority of people have now started to heed the Government’s advice and are staying indoors and only venturing out for essential trips as advised. Having taken my exercise over the weekend, near to and around the beaches of Bude it was pleasing to see them generally empty and the Downs people free. I have seen images on social media from other parts of the force area where the same is true.

“There are still however a minority who continue to flout the guidance and make those unnecessary journeys. We will continue to engage with, explain to, and encourage these people to modify their behaviour. As a very last resort we will consider enforcement action but would hope that people’s social consciences will ensure that this is not necessary.

“We are also still getting some reports of holiday lets being utilised, despite the warnings and we would again urge people not to travel to the area, in order to try and prevent the spread of the virus.”