Pupils of Harrowbarrow School carried out ‘Mars Day’ on Tuesday, March 7, as part of a nationwide push to boost knowledge and enthusiasm for Space amongst young children.

The school aimed to enhance the children’s enjoyment of Science and their knowledge of why learning in Science can be good for their future.

Rather than taking part in their normal subjects, pupils had the opportunity to explore a space dome, take part in space related activities and learn lots of new information about the red planet. The day was a big success.

Sully in Year 4 explained: “On Tuesday, March 7, we did Mars Day, a fun relaxed day. In the morning we a quiz about Mars and we had to work out a secret word which the answer to was ‘Rovers’. After that, we took part in some live questions with a proper astronaut.

“The most exciting thing of the day was the Space Dome where there was a man called Mr Barber that let us go inside and tell us all about the planets and the stars. It was amazing!!

“Did you know that Pluto is so small, it’s not even classified as a planet, it’s a dwarf planet.”

Holly in Year 4 added: “On Tuesday, we had Mars Day. Mars day is a day where you do activities through the day instead of usual maths and English.

“At the start of the day, we did a quiz. After that we did a bit of coding as if we were programming a Mars Rover.

“Next, we went into the space dome. A space dome is where you go into a dome and you learn about the solar system. My favourite part of the day though was making and launching rockets in the afternoon.”