THE Cornwall Lead Local Flood authority has issued a list of 18 demands it requires to be addressed by Wainhomes if it is to avoid objecting to its plans.

It comes amid concerns of flooding that might be caused by the site, which lies in a mostly marsh and bog land, within flood risk areas two and three.

They told the planning officer in charge of the application: “The Lead Local Flood Authority has reviewed the amended details provided to support this application. The Environment Agency must be consulted with regard to flood risk.

“The applicant should note that since the application was first submitted the proposed surface water drainage system requirements have changed.”

The consultee also demanded that a continuous 12 month period of rainfall monitoring on the site, saying: “Monitoring must be undertaken to establish the extent of groundwater on the site. This should be completed for a continuous 12-month period. Groundwater should not rise to within 1m of the base of any drainage feature.

“Monitoring must be undertaken within three metres of the proposed location of each feature and at a depth of no less than 1.5 metres below the base depth. Continuous monitoring of each borehole is preferred, but where dip testing is used there must be at least one test of each borehole per week undertaken on the same day throughout the monitoring period. These results must be provided to the LPA and LLFA. Poor quality data will be rejected.”

The demands come amid sustained objections from Bodmin residents, with Bodmin Town Council objecting to the plans.

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