A piece of history has been placed for future generations to find in Bude, as a time capsule has been buried at Compass Point.

Amid the brisk chill and spirited winds of a Cornish winter, Bude penned a new chapter in its history on February 22, 2024. This day marked the embedding of Bude’s essence within the foundations of the newly restored Storm Tower at Compass Point.

The initiative traced its origins to August 2023. Bude-Stratton Town Council extended an open invitation for contributions to a time capsule. This call reached local businesses, community groups, and residents, aiming to encapsulate what it meant to be from Bude.

With an enthusiastic response from the community, the capsule was able to capture the town’s identity.

Containing contributions from key local organisations such as the Bude Surf Life Saving Club, Friends of Bude Sea Pool, the 3rd Bude Rowans Scout Group and the Bude & Stratton Post. It also includes artistic expressions from the Storm Tower Art Competition, a painting by local artist Sue Read, and a reflective poem by Pat Jackson, alongside memorabilia marking significant national events.

As well as this, the time capsule doubles as a historical archive, detailing the tower’s 1881 relocation and the comprehensive 2023 preservation efforts. This includes planning documents, fundraising activities, and multimedia materials, all testifying to Bude and Stratton’s resilience and dedication.

Despite the challenges posed by local weather conditions, the capsule was placed into the Storm Tower’s foundation—transported pragmatically in a wheelbarrow. Secured to be rediscovered in 100 years, councillors and residents eagerly anticipate the day the treasure trove is unearthed.

Bude-Stratton Town Council’s project manager said: “The time capsule represents a collective endeavour to capture the soul of our community.

“It embodies our commitment to safeguarding the beauty and heritage of Bude for those who will follow us.”