With bunting hanging, cakes baked and plans in the diary, everything is in place, ready for the coronation this weekend! However, as the king takes his seat on the throne and a great crown is lowered onto his head, will the sun be shining for all those celebrating? 

Unfortunately, street parties are likely to have to move indoors this Saturday as the Met Office expect showers across the day. Well, what’s more British than welcoming a new King in the rain?

A rundown of what is expected:

7am – Guests will be making their way to Westminster Abbey, passing security checks before being seated inside. 

The Weather Here: 


90% Chance of precipitation

12°C – Feels Like 9°C

10am – With guests now seated, heads of state, overseas government representatives, government ministers, first ministers, former prime ministers, foreign royals and members of the royal family will begin to arrive. 

– By 20 past the hour, the king and queen consort’s procession will have set off from the palace.

The Weather Here: 


80% Chance of precipitation

13°C – Feels Like 11°C

1pm – The king has been crowned. The archbishop of Canterbury placed the St Edward’s crown on his head.

– The service ends and the newly crowned king and queen being their procession back to the palace. 

The Weather Here: 


60% Chance of precipitation

15°C – Feels Like 13°C

4pm – The day’s official celebrations have concluded, with the royal family appearing on the palace balcony for a flypast. However, celebrations across the country continue.

The Weather Here: 


40% Chance of precipitation

14°C – Feels Like 13°C