Cornwall has been ranked second worst for potholes across the whole of the UK. 

Recent research has found that Cornwall ranks second in the country for the worst hit areas for potholes. Finance Specialist RIFT has found that damage caused by potholes cost motorists an estimated £1.7-billion last year, and with Cornwall among the most affected drivers could be more likely to have to pay out for damages. 

Last year, 1.4-million potholes were eradicated from our roads and while this may seem like a lot, it’s 300,000 less than the 1.7-million filled the year before and significantly less than the peak of 2.7-million filled per year seen back in 2014/15. 

And with this shrinking effort to fill the holes in our roads, research found that Cornwall had more than 24,800 potholes. 

Bradley Post, managing director of RIFT, said: “The pothole epidemic is an issue that has been plaguing motorists for years and it’s disheartening to see that the number of potholes being filled has actually declined year on year. 

“As motorists, we’re hit with a raft of yearly costs in order to keep our cars on the road, from MOTs and repairs, to tax and insurance. So it certainly seems unfair that having paid our way and ensured our responsibilities are met, so many motorists have these costs added to due to damage from potholes. 

“Unfortunately, while some areas are certainly more pothole prone than others, you could fall foul of one wherever you are across the nation, but there are steps you can take to minimise the risk, such as driving with greater caution, avoiding puddles where possible and ensuring your tyres are up to the task. 

“If your car does succumb to pothole damage, make sure you document the incident, report the pothole in question and claim for the damage caused.”