Windmill Hill Academy in Launceston have opened a Community Larder.

The School Forum Pupil Parliament came up with this excellent idea for promoting sustainability within the local community.

A spokesperson for the school said: “They would like families and local communities to donate any fruit, vegetables or plants that they do not need. For example, they may have grown too many plants or have left over fruit/vegetables which they are not going to use.

“And then other families and the local community can take what they need. There is no charge. It is simply to support our local community and promote sustainability by limiting waste.”

The Community Larder shed is positioned at the front of the school for ease. It will be open during the school day and locked overnight. If members of the community whish to use it, they are to ring the front door buzzer.

A spokesperson added: “Items must be in date and are only to be fruit, vegetables or plants. Please no perishable items or items that will go off easily.

“Just feel free to drop in donations into the allocated baskets if you can and take what you need when you need it. We hope you can make use of it.”