RICHIE Worrall, who rode for Plymouth Gladiators last season, has been handed a further 30-day ban after comments he made on social media recently.

Worrall was suspended for nine months at the beginning of this month after failing a drugs test at Plymouth Speedway on September 5.

A disciplinary panel found Worrall guilty of having prohibited substances cocaine and benzoylecgonine in his body.

He was banned for 18 months, of which the second nine months were suspended, to be dated from September 5, which meant he could race again at the beginning of next June, but that has now been extended by another month. 

At a Speedway Control Board meeting held today, Worrall was found in breach of two SCB Regulations following a recent post on social media.

  • 018.2 f) Any proceedings or acts prejudicial to the interest of, any part or body of the ACU, SCB, BSP Ltd or of the sport of motorcycling generally.
  • 018.2 h) The use of any accessible form of media to propagate foul, abusive or offensive language, profane activity or fraudulent comments against any rider, official or member of the SCB or deemed to bring the ACU, SCB or BSP Ltd into disrepute.

He has been issued with a further 30-day suspension of his SCB Registration to run consecutively to his current ban, and has also been fined £3,000.

He has also been warned that any further breaches of the SCB Regulations may result in the currently suspended part of his suspension being revoked.