Week St Mary held its Heritage Day on Septemberr 14, highlighting several interesting historical sites around the village that residents and visitors may not have known about or visited.

The Landmark Trust had an open day at The College, Week St Mary which is an ancient school building, thought to be the only second grammar school in the country and certainly the first to be founded by a woman.

She was Thomasine Bonaventure, born and raised as a shepherdess in Week St Mary, who became Lady Percival, the wife of the Lord Mayor of London. Her three marriages left her a very wealthy woman and she was therefore able to become a benefactress to her home village. The College is not usually open as it is a Landmark Trust holiday let.

One of the day’s organisers, Lesley Booker said: “Interested expert volunteers then showed visitors our Norman Motte beside the church and the remains that had been found there in mole hills, ancient gravestones dating back to the time of Elizabeth I in the church, the origins of the Bible Christian movement at the Methodist Chapel and Poor Man’s Piece a small paddock left by another benefactor to provide alms for the poor.”

The Parish Hall provided refreshments throughout the weekend, the volunteer staff in the community shop dressed in medieval style and David Martin, the author of ‘Week St Mary Village — a community at large’ was on hand to provide heritage trails and copies of his book.

Lesley added: “Thank you to all those who gave their time and expertise to guide visitors around the trail.”