TWO drivers who claimed to be 'in a rush' are facing the long arm of the law after being caught speeding on the A30.

The drivers, who were caught near Bodmin and Goss Moor, were both doing more than 100 mph when caught by Devon and Cornwall Police's 'No Excuse' speed watch crews in the evening of Sunday, December 10.

A motorist in a Honda Civic was clocked doing 103 miles per hour on the A30 near Bodmin, with the driver telling police they were in a rush to reach their hotel on time.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident on the same night another driver going far above the speed limit was also caught by officers. Shortly after dealing with the incident involving the hotel-chasing Honda Civic driver, officers at Goss Moor caught a Seat Ibiza driver 'doing a ton'.

The driver is believed to have told police they were also in a rush.