Students at St Catherine’s Primary School in Launceston have been buzzing with the return of Bee Club this week.

Tuesday, April 18 saw the return of practical Bee Husbandry for Bee Club at St. Catherine’s.

This club is open to Year 5 and 6 pupils, and this is now their second season after purchasing two hives in May last year.

A spokesperson for the school explained: “We started today with half of the club ‘suiting-up’ to complete a hive inspection. This was the first time for a few of them, but they were confident after a winter spent learning a lot of theory about bee-keeping.

“All six pupils successfully spotted the Queen of one of our hives, along with some of them successfully seeing eggs too! This is a really hard job, so was very good for a first attempt.

“They also all practised handling a frame from the hive, which included bees, eggs, larvae and sealed brood - our Queen has been busy!

“Each week groups of pupils will take turns to complete hive inspections on either of our two hives, and helping to maintain the colonies.”