IT is always inspiring to hear about the work of local charities in serving people and communities, and this was certainly the case at the June meeting of the Coad’s Green WI when president Linda Willan introduced Mark Cunliffe, who gave a very interesting talk on the work of Riding for the Disabled in North Cornwall.

The charity has been based in Camelford, since 1978, where currently over 60 riders are supported at the Equestrian Centre.

Horses have been found to be very accepting of the disabilities of their riders, who steadily gain confidence and a real pride in their achievements, to the extent that some have participated in national competition.

This was demonstrated through the videos that accompanied the talk.

Fundraising is ongoing and plans are being made to increase the facilities on site to include a mechanical horse to assist riders in their learning.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 12, at 7.30pm in the chapel parlour at Coad’s Green when Jane Richardson will be giving a talk on Medical Detection Dogs.