RESIDENTS in the Bude area have been asked to keep an eye out for an injured swan.  

One resident raised concern earlier this afternoon (February 29) after spotting a swan with a nasty looking injury above its beak.  

Sue Gear, who runs a local wildlife rescue charity, has said that she has made an attempt to catch the injured animal, however, it has so far escaped her and her colleagues. 

She told the Post: “We tried to catch it this morning but didn’t manage it as once he knew we were after him he would not come near. We will keep trying as he has a nasty wound on his head.”  

However, this isn’t Sue’s first interaction with the Swan, he’s actually an old friend. 

Sue continued: “Two years ago he lived in my garden for 10 days after another injury. I needed antibiotics, but we successfully released him back with his partner so it’s sad to see this happened to him again and if I can help him I will.”  

Sue has advised that at this time, while the animal continues to eat and drink there isn't much that can be done, however, she is aware of its location and will aim to try and catch it. 

She added: “At the moment he is still eating and swimming, there is not much anyone can do really. He needs catching and taking to a vet for treatment, i can then take care of him until he can be returned”