A PLANNED rave at Davidstow was stopped by police before it could happen.

Vans containing music equipment was seized, and came after tip offs with information about the planned event.

Police said convoys with ‘hundreds’ of vehicles had descended on the area.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “Officers disrupted and prevented a large unlicensed music event in the Davidstow area on March 30 following information about the event.

“Shortly before midnight we received reports of cars beginning to gather in Davidstow with convoys of hundreds of vehicles around the North and East Cornwall areas.

“Officers blocked the surrounding roads to prevent anyone else gaining access and they seized vans carrying music equipment.

“They also stopped and turned away vehicles that were heading to join the event. One officer had his car rammed by a vehicle trying to force access to the site.”

Local policing superintendent Rob Youngman added: “We know firsthand the impact that these types of events have on local communities and how disruptive they can be.

“Last night we acted quickly on information that was coming into us and deployed a range of resources across the area in order to stop this event from taking place here.

“I’m grateful to those who reported the information to us and to the officers who acted quickly and robustly to prevent the situation from escalating.”