IN honour of the fallen servicemen and women, this Remembrance Sunday the North Devon Hospice charity shop, in Holsworthy, pulled out all the stops with their latest window display.

The display included a dress made entirely of paper poppies and was constructed by hospice shop volunteer Shirley Barriball, with help from fellow volunteer Shirley McCarthy.

Ms Barriball has been producing window displays in the shop on Holsworthy Square for the past 25 years and has been a volunteer in the hospice shop since it opened its doors. Her remembrance display of a beautiful dress made entirely of poppies is perhaps one of her finest creations yet.

She said: “I honestly don’t know where the idea came from, it just popped into my head. I approached our local British Legion branch and they kindly gave me the poppies I needed to make the dress, which is made from a base of chicken wire wrapped round a shop mannequin.

“My friend and fellow hospice volunteer, Shirley McCarthy, spent the whole day making it with me. It took a very long time, gluing each individual poppy on the frame, but we were thrilled with the result.”

Ms Barriball said that it was important to the volunteers to show their support for those who gave their lives in the pursuit of happiness.

“Those of us who volunteer at the North Devon Hospice Shop, as well as many of our customers, are like family. We always show our support for Remembrance Sunday and this year it was nice to do something extra special.

“It’s lovely to hear some of the comments from people who have seen the window display, and it’s something everyone involved with the shop is proud of. I have been volunteering there 25 years now and doing things like this is a great outlet for me. It is tremendous fun and we always have a laugh with what we’re doing, and if anybody was interested in joining us then please pop into the shop and say hello.”

Stephen Roberts, chief executive of North Devon Hospice, said the shop on The Square had a well-earned reputation for its window displays.

He added: “I’ve seen some fantastic displays in the window of that shop, and I know lots of people in the community admire what our volunteers have created in the past. But this is simply on another level.

“You can tell how much time, dedication and passion has gone into making that dress and it is a wonderful tribute to our servicemen and women. I come from a military family myself, so it is very important for me to honour Remembrance Sunday. I am so proud that the hospice’s shop in Holsworthy has done it in such an amazing way. It is yet another example of how they go above and beyond in everything they do.”

After being on display in the hospice shop, the dress of poppies will be on display at the ‘Christmas Tree Festival’ at Holsworthy Methodist Church, before being donated to the Royal British Legion.

If anyone if interested in volunteering in the hospice shop, pop into the shop to ask for more details or call 01409 253843.