DECEMBER is in full flow and wherever you go, it’s almost impossible to avoid the screechfest that is Christmas music.

It’s the time of year where Mariah Carey earns enough royalties to top up that fake tan while Michael Bauble, not content with merely having enough money to declare war on Sir Richard Branson’s tropical island, is even appearing in adverts for Asdas.

We even know it’s Christmas because, while for the rest of the country, believers of the Christmas coca-cola cult begin their festivities and journey towards Type 2 diabetes when they see that cursed truck, down here in Cornwall, the Tragos Christmas advert has already been on TV. Which means ourChristmases have truly begun.

There are even jingles in their notorious usage of a particular Status Quo song.Here at NCB Radio, we’ve made a habit over our nearly 13 years on air of being a bit different. After all, there’s no point being the same as every other station, and much like Noel Fielding, we genuinely do hate Coldplay.

So, if you’re seeking solace from the Christmas musical menace, NCB Radio is a home for you.

We’re not grinches in the sense we’re going to steal your Christmas, but as above, we don’t really follow the crowd. Although, given the recent sad loss of Shane McGowan, an artist we’re big fans of here at NCB Towers, you’ll almost certainly hear Fairytale in

New York and other hits of his. Let’s get it to number one, shall we?

Every Saturday this month we’ve even got a special show for the grinches or those seeking shelter from the Santa themed shrieking, titled ‘Grinch AM’. It is hosted by Aaron James and featuring contributions from Northern correspondent, fellow grinch and co-producer Jason. Each show will feature a different theme, with absolutely no Christmas music, unless we decide to be malicious and play Last Christmas in order to ruin people’s Whamageddon.

At this point, we’d ordinarily tell you what each week’s theme is going to be, but the problem is the presenter is disorganised and something of a sleeping enthusiast, while Jason is busy disguising himself as a Santa at public grottos and stealing presents. Probably.

Although he’s just as likely to be lurking in a pie shop. He’s from Yorkshire, after all.

We’ve got a few ideas in our mind, one of which includes ‘Top of the Spots’ where we encourage people to tell us what they listened to most on Spotify this year, and at the time of writing, the presenter is listening to a lot of late 90’s Britpop. Although, not Oasis because he’s got a fear of developing tinnitus.

On Christmas Day, we loosen the grinching slightly but still avoid the screechy stuff.

We’re working out our Christmas schedule at the moment, but are trying to persuade Doreen to lay off the sherry long enough to deliver a Christmas message, while Aaron could well present a Christmas Number

Ones show because his stepmother told him he has to.

So, if you’re seeking a treatment for tinsellitis or sanctuary from the screeching, NCB Radio has a show for you. Whether Grinch AM or otherwise. You can find us at or by asking your smartspeaker to play Tunein.