Regular listeners to the Tony P Radio Show, aired between 1pm and 3pm on Saturdays and 6pm until 9pm on Thursdays, will know that it is a show where you get two for the price of one.

Unless it’s David Bowie songs, in which case it’s more all you can eat. By two for the price of one, we mean you not only get the musical musings of Tony Pendleton, but you also get the wacky wonder that is Doreen McInnerny. Legend has it, she was suspected of being Lily Savage before we all found out it was Paul O’Grady.

Here at NCB Radio, we wanted to know more about Doreen. Problem is, she’s not an easy person to find out much about, mostly due to her excessive use of non-disclosure agreements and filing cabinet of blackmail material. Who really is this Liverpudlian motormouth, who, it is once said, had a handbag fight with Cilla Black in the Cavern over who really loved Alfie?

We definitely know her surname is pronounced mac-an-ernie, but that’s mostly because she strung up the last presenter who said it incorrectly using nothing more than a rope made out of the fibres of an old wig.

To find out more, Tony secretly passed us a black book of phone numbers, although he told us she must never find out. So, don’t tell Doreen. It’s our little secret.

It was said by a source that definitely wasn’t her former hairdresser, that Doreen allegedly once slept with the Beatles. After a wild night on vodka, orange and Lambrini (all mixed together, it was the 1960s), Doreen found herself spending the night under a tree in Sefton Park.

We asked the hairdresser which one was lucky enough for a night with Doreen, but it quickly transpired that she hadn’t actually slept with the Beatles, but had spent the night with some dung beetles.

That was as far as our quest to learn more about Doreen goes, for every other number in her diary was disconnected, the person was dead, or they started screaming at the very mention of ‘mac-an-ernie’.

Maybe we will never know. We have asked Doreen to join us for a guest column, tell us all about herself, but we simply haven’t managed to meet her demands. We’ll keep trying. Her partner, known only as ‘Our Eddie’ said he’d like to help, but he doesn’t want to have to sleep under the bed again as Doreen’s got a bad case of the wind.

In the meantime, hear more from Doreen and Tony every Saturday and Thursday, only on NCB Radio.

This weekend on Aaron James’ show.

This week we’re going back to OMD’s 1985 album, Crush, co-produced by Stephen Hague as we continue through part two of our exploration of OMD’s career and we’ll be featuring at least three tracks from that album and telling the tale of what was arguably 1980’s OMD’s last big album.

We’ll also have the usual Jason’s Magic Three and featured Number One, and probably much more.

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