It’s beginning to look a lot like that time of year for horrific afflictions beginning with T because of the season known as C.

For a moment, cover the eyes of any youngsters who may read this because we need to discuss the small matter of ‘Christmas’.

Obviously, none of us want to suddenly be bombarded with extra-long lists of demands which read more similar to something you’d receive from a hostage taker.

The afflictions I refer to beginning with T are tinsellitis, a lethal disease caused by too much exposure to Christmas decorations and the slightly more medically recognised tinnitus, which is what happens when over-exposed to that racket Mariah Carey calls singing.

Here at NCB Radio – we are a safe haven for all grinches, of which there are several in the team.

While other radio stations succumb to the fervour to play the horror that is Christmas music, we promise you now – by listening to us, you won’t hear much of it up until very close to Christmas, if at all. Christmas music to us is almost as bad as Coldplay. We said almost.

We can’t do anything about what you see or hear elsewhere, such as the Christmas Trago advert, which is presumably now the Cornish equivalent of ‘Christmas starting when you see the Coca-Cola advert’, but know this – whether you’re just not ready for Christmas or regard yourself as a Grinch, we are the station for you.

 An audiobook recommendation

Don’t say we’re just about the music here at NCB Radio, it turns out we’re quite the sucker for the stories behind it too. Here’s a recommendation for an audiobook or even a book. Check out the new book by the Lightning Seeds’ front man Ian Broudie, titled ‘Now Tomorrow’s Here Today’. For a relatively unassuming man in the world of music, it’s a genuinely terrific read or listen, featuring tales from his time producing the Echo and the Bunnymen or the time he took a Mancunian band (unnamed, sadly), to a Welsh music studio and a nearby car dealership was suddenly missing wheels on its vehicles.

 Get Ready to Mosh

 Not only has Cornwall rapidly got with the 21st century, with slightly faster broadband, it’s now got with the times when it comes to the world of alternative, indie and the sort of metal that you’ll only like when it’s loud. Once more, it’s brought to you by NCB Radio’s finest metal asylum inmate himself, Luke Patrick.

On Friday, November 10, Luke will be hosting Cornwall’s newest metal, alt and indie night, appropriately called ‘The Moshpit’ at the Priory Bar, at Bodmin Football Club, with further dates at the same venue on February 9, May 10 and August 9 2024.

Headbang the night away from 8pm until midnight. Tickets available £5 online or £6.50 on the door.

If you’re unable to make it, you can also get your fix of Luke Patrick’s Moshpit every Monday from 8 pm until 10 pm at