This week’s column is dedicated entirely to the man, the myth and the legend that is our very own Vincent Vega.  

There are three reasons behind this. 

Firstly, this week sees Vince celebrate the 12th anniversary of his first show on NCB Radio, the ‘Perfect Pitch Show’; which has graced our airwaves since July 16, 2011.  

Secondly, last week saw the launch of a brand-new show from Vince – ‘Vincent’s Vinyl Vaults’ – we’ll tell you a bit more about that shortly.  

Thirdly, he’s an absolute legend of the NCB Radio airwaves and is our longest serving concurrent presenter – as in, he’s never left. Several of our team have left and come back during our 12 years of broadcasting, but Vince never did.  

Happy anniversary Vince  

The story of how Vincent Vega came to NCB Radio is one of the favourites of our founder, Aaron James. Back in the late 2000’s, Aaron, then a fresh-faced teenager was responsible for launching a college radio when he was in sixth form; known as Bodmin College Radio. 

While the misty-eyed dizzy heights of world domination eluded the team, from time to time they’d get submissions from local musicians and DJs. Some, were truly terrible. Some, were excellent. Among the latter were 60-minute drum and bass mixes by a local chap called Vincent Vega.  

Come three years later, and during the early months of NCB Radio, Saturday nights were proving a headache for Aaron and the programming team. 

It didn’t sound right, and half the time the presenters that were in place preferred getting drunk to doing the radio show they promised they would.  

Aaron came up with the idea of approaching Vince, who he’d remained in contact with to do a show. 

The Perfect Pitch show was born and 12 years later, still sounds every bit as fresh as it did when it first graced our airwaves.  

Vincent’s Vinyl Vaults  

Much like how Vince plugged the gaps of the schedule in 2011, come 2023 and Edward B’stard has decided to retire after 500 shows. Once again, a headache came to those responsible for keeping NCB Radio running. How on earth do you replace a show like that?  

During the NCB Fest weekend, an idea was born in the beer garden of the Rock Inn in Roche, where Aaron was enjoying an evening with his co-producer Jason, who had come down from Leeds, and Saturday breakfast presenter Gary Jon, who had come down from Tamworth, prior to the whole team gathering the following day.  

When Vince had covered other shows, he’d unleashed his vast, not insignificant collection of vinyl records on those listening in. Why not see if he wanted to do it regularly?  

One conversation led to another, and Vincent’s Vinyl Vaults was born. 

The show premise is simple – you join Vincent through a trip of his vast vinyl record collection for two hours of incredible music, with the inclusion of Prince almost certainly guaranteed.  

Give it a listen. Every Wednesday night from 8pm to 10pm at, on the Tunein app or by asking your smart speaker thing to “play NCB Radio”. 

Don’t forget we also have a range of shows available to listen to at NCB Radio. Perhaps as well as checking out Vincent’s Vinyl Vaults, you might like to consider checking out our new show with JJ Kane, broadcast weekdays at 5 pm. 

Our full schedule and how to tune in or get involved is available on the NCB Radio website, found at