Windmill Hill Academy in Launceston are celebrating their most recent Ofsted report after having received a ‘Good’ rating.

Following their inspection back in December, pupils and staff at Windmill Hill Academy in Launceston are celebrating after it was announced that the school received a ‘Good’ rating which certifies that they continue to be a good school.

In its report the school is praised for its welcoming atmosphere and pupils’ eagerness to learn. It states: “At Windmill Hill, staff make everyone welcome. Pupils arrive each day eager to learn. They experience a well-planned, broad and balanced curriculum.

“Pupils behave well. In classrooms, they listen to each other considerately. Pupils show high levels of engagement in their lessons. At social times, they play together well.

“Staff promote respect and tolerance. Pupils say that bullying is rare. However, if it happens staff resolve it quickly.”

School leaders are also praised for their “meticulously crafted curriculum”, which goes “beyond the academic” which allows students to enjoy a range of experiences which they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to.

The report continues: “Pupils develop their interests through a range of clubs, such as bowls, guitar, computing and football. They talk with pride about how they represent the school in sports competitions.

“Leaders promote the arts. For example, older pupils speak enthusiastically about their participation in the Christmas production held at the town hall.

“Parents have highly positive views of the school. They say their children enjoy school and staff are warm and friendly.”

On behalf of the school, Mrs Bassett who is the Head of School added: “I think you’ll agree that the report reads very well and recognises all of our wonderful achievements at Windmill Hill Academy.

“We have some minor development points that we will continue to work on.

“We thank you, as parents and carers and the wider community, for all of your continued support and we thank all of our pupils, staff, Governors and the Trust for all of their hard work and dedication.”