STAFF at Holsworthy, Hatherleigh and Stratton Medical Centres dusted off their denim and best stepping-out jeans in support of Jeans For Genes Day, a national fundraising campaign that helps research and treatment of genetic diseases like muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, and sickle cell anaemia.

Enthusiastic fundraising organiser and HR co-ordinator, Zoë Short said: “I love organising our fundraisers and getting everyone involved. 

“It’s something for the whole team to look forward to — especially when there’s cake.

“It causes a real buzz at work and most people join in, apart from those who are seeing patients and have to keep their scrubs on.”

With one in 10 families in the UK being affected by a genetic condition, Jeans for Genes Day is a really great chance to fundraise for something important that makes a difference. 

“Even the small amounts raised can make a big difference to somebody,” says Zoe. “This year we’ve raised just under £65 for the charity and we had a lot of fun doing it!”  

The Jeans For Genes Day national organisers were clearly delighted, posting on one of the practice’s social media platforms: “Not only do you look good, but you’re doing good too! Together we can change lives and offer services and support to families with genetic conditions all over the UK. Thank you all; you’re fabulous!” 

Also in September, practice staff will be having a Macmillan Coffee morning, with a special green tea pot for donations. 

Later in the year they will be Wearing it Pink to support breast cancer charity Breast Cancer Now, and then the ever-popular Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children UK.

More information about Jeans For Genes Day can be found at