Marion White of Highampton has been busy over the festive period, making a number of coats for her collection of goats.

Marion has saved and looked after unwanted goats for over 40 years. She is also very keen on sewing and has made around 200 coats for goats, all hand-sewn by her and all with a different theme.

Marion is well-known in the area for her creations and now she has got rid of her settee in her living room to make room for the unique display.

She said: “It’s worked out really, really well. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

Marion has made around 200 coats for a number of occasions — Easter, Hallowe’en and now Christmas.

“If I see something and immediately if something comes into my mind, I don’t plan it I just do it. It’s getting better and better and better.”

The story of her ‘goat coat’ making started more than eight years ago, after she lost her favourite goat, Jacob. A ‘mascot’ of the Ruby Country Market, Jacob used to attend in his ‘Coat of Many Colours’, which Marion had made with another lady, and Marion would also wear her colourful coat alongside Jacob.

Marion now has 11 goats, seven dogs, parrots and a tortoise, adding: “I live for my animals.”

The response to Marion’s latest creations has been very favourable.

She explained: “The reviews are amazing. Someone commented ‘what a talented lady.’”