A NORTH Cornwall town council is pushing for more to be done following recent reports of anti-social behaviour.  

At the most recent Launceston Town Council meeting, Cllr Rob Tremain presented the full council with details of some recent complaints which had been made about anti-social behaviour involving motorcycles in the town.

Speaking to the council, he said: “Last week I was contacted by some residents in Westgate Mews with regard to young - I presume - motor cyclists using the car park as a cycle course in the evenings.  

“The noise from the revving bikes is amplified from within the various levels of the car park and is causing quite a nuisance.”  

“On Sunday morning two members of the public brought a similar complaint with reference to noisy motorcycles using the town centre. Roaring through the square, Southgate, Madford Lane, and back up Western Road to the square.”

After seeing recent action be taken by the road police team in Bodmin, Cllr Tremain suggested that this could be necessary in Launceston.

The report, released by Devon and Cornwall Police explained that the Bodmin Road Police Team have been tackling anti-social behaviour caused by motorbikes and mopeds in the area. 

During the project, the team stopped multiple motorbikes and inspected them at roadside. After being stopped, strong words of advice were given regarding the manner of riding and the level of noise. 

During inspections, one bike was seized for having no insurance, one was issued a ticket for cutting his exhaust in order to make it noisier, and another driver was even arrested after testing positive for cocaine.

Addressing the council, Cllr Tremain continued: “Would this be something Lanson Town Council could request of the police team to take place in our town?”

After discussing the issue, a vote was held and it was agreed the council would approach the local policing team and request that such projects be undertaken around Launceston in the hope of curbing anti-social behaviour.

Have you experienced any issues with anti-social behaviour in the town? Let us know at [email protected]