There is a new face on Launceston Town Council following a vote at the most recent full meeting. 

On Tuesday, October 17, Launceston Town Council welcomed resident Sally Lankston onto the council. 

During the meeting, five members of the public gave presentations, demonstrating their suitability for the role. However, after an extensive voting process, which saw four rounds of voting reach a majority decision, electing Mrs Lankston as a new town councillor.

In her presentation to the town council, Mrs Lankston said: “I have lived in Launceston all my life, 22 years at Windmill Lane with my parents and brother, and 26 years at Lower Cleaverfield with my husband and two children. I suppose you could say I’ve seen the Castle from both sides of the Kensey. 

“I have been with my fantastic husband for over 32 years, and we were married 22 years ago at St Mary’s Church. I attended Windmill School, then Launceston College. During my first year of Sixth Form I completed work experience at the Cornish and Devon Post, and after this, the manager said I’d made an impression, they offered me a full time job and I carried on working there for ten years until leaving to have my two wonderful children. 

“I was lucky enough to spend the next parts of my life being a full time mum to Molly, now 19, and Jack, now 16. I enjoyed being there, watching them grow up, attending all activities, parents evenings, sports days, and while they were at St Stephen’s School I became an active member of the PTFA, spending my last two years on the PTFA as treasurer.

“I now work for Kernow Health CIC. I have made my way up through the company, starting as a receptionist, and now I hold a management role. Kernow Health oversees the integrated urgent care services, the out-of-hours doctors, and also the school-age immunisation service, and I have been working with them since 2012. 

“I’ve helped out and aided in fundraising activities for some of the clubs Molly and Jack have attended, including Beavers, Cubs, Brownies, Guides, Southgate Football Club, Launceston Rugby and Hawks, the Launceston ladies netball team. 

“In the last three years I have also become a member of the Launceston NSPCC group, helping to raise funds and organise such events as ‘wine wisdoms’, spring lunches and autumn suppers. I have enjoyed all of my volunteering experiences but the ones I am most proud of is helping out at the Christmas senior citizens lunches and afternoon teas. These were held for over five years, giving a person a home-cooked meal, and an hour of company, was my time very well spent. I love Launceston, it is not just a town to me, it is my home. I am incredibly lucky that many generations of my family have lived in Launceston and the surrounding areas. My family have been here and looked after Launceston for me, I would now like to do my bit by becoming a member of the Launceston Town Council. I will strive to make sure Launceston is looked after and cared for, for generations to come. Launceston has got so much going for it, and I don’t think we appreciate that until it’s nearly taken away from us. I was lucky enough as a child to walk over the Coronation Park every Thursday morning, in all weathers, and I mean, all weathers. I was taught to swim at Launceston Leisure Centre. With the potential closure of the leisure centre earlier this year, it saddened me that this facility, which is such a big part of Launceston, and my life, was nearly taken away from us. But luckily, and with a lot of hard work, it is still there, standing large, and proud in our park, in our town. 

“A little about myself, I have thought long and hard about applying to become a town councillor. I needed the support of my family and friends, which I have, but as with all things in my life, I needed to be able to commit to it 110% and I feel that at this time in my life I can give part of me to Launceston and Launceston Town Council. I am an active listener, I prefer to listen and read all sources of information before I decide on something and I know that this is a skill that will help me if I’m lucky enough to become a town councillor. Stopping and taking a breath, and looking at everything, will allow me to make an informed and unbiased decision. I am a team-player, I work well in large groups, small groups, or by myself. 

“People are community, no matter who they are, what age they are, everyone matters. Launceston is a beautiful town. We should all stand tall and be proud of our town.”

Following the vote, mayor Cllr Helen Bailey added: “I would like to thank all the candidates who put themselves forward for co-option, all five candidates gave excellent presentations. The voting took place and after several rounds, Councillor Sally Lankston was successful and it will be a pleasure to work alongside her on the council. My fellow councillors will support Sally as she begins her role and her knowledge and working background will stand her in good stead to bring new ideas forward and work with the other fifteen councillors and our staff for the benefit of our town.”