Students at St Stephen’s Community Academy have been learning all about how to safely travel into school. 

Pupils were visited by Ashlea Dodson from Sustrans and Andy Mitchell from Arena. Both visitors led informative whole school assemblies and inspired the children with scooter assault courses and ‘Positive Playground’ games.

Ashlea’s message was linked to road safety, being seen, being alert and being safe. The children identified dangers on the screen and were reminded of the safety phrase, ‘Stop-Look-Listen-Think!’

Maura Furber, headteacher at the school said: “As a school we learnt actions to remind us. Thanks to everyone for sending back their postcards to Ashlea with how they have considered their travel choices and what they have done to support healthy air pollution. Amelia was selected as the winner, she described how her family chose to car share when heading into Plymouth. The prize was a super new bike/scooter helmet – great job and well-done Amelia.

“We were also delighted to welcome Cllr Adam Paynter, to our school to follow the SUSTRANS adventure with us and to discuss the impact of traffic at St Stephens Community Academy.”

On top of this, Andy from ARENA taught students why it is so important for playtimes to be positive and how learning games together enables friendships to flourish. There is a big emphasis on fun and enjoying being physically active together. 

Maura continued: “We recognise the importance of this not only for our physical health but our wellbeing and mental health too. We look forward to seeing these new games being played during the lunch and break times and seeing the problem solving, teamwork and cooperation they nurture.”