A new approach to cooking is soon to come out of Launceston, as two residents are releasing their own cookbook. 

Marky and Tracy Souter from Launceston are preparing to release their first cookbook ‘The Porky Punk Annual Manual: Volume 1’. 

Since 1980, Marky has been working with food — from Las Vegas’ world-famous “Battista’s Hole in the wall”, owning and operating his own restaurant, bar and music venue in America’s Sin City, before eventually returning to London to continue his hospitality work. 

Now, Marky and his wife Tracy run a holiday let, spa and catering business just outside of Launceston. However, using 45 years of culinary experience the pair now hope to release a recipe book with a twist. 

For the last ten years, as well as their commercial business, Marky and Tracy have been running popular social media group ‘The Porky Punk’ a “food sharing collective of like minded souls with a 35 and over demographic and a passion for all things epicurean” which welcomes cooks of all experience levels, beginners to seasoned veterans, and this was a huge inspiration for the book. 

Speaking to the Post about the upcoming release, Marky explained: “We’ve been running the Porky Punk group for over ten years now and it seemed a natural development to create a book that featured and highlighted the skills and epicurean endeavours of its members.” 

The book even has backing by British chef and TV presenter Andi Oliver, who is best known for her appearances on the BBC cooking show The Great British Menu. 

“We have the forward done by the incredible Andi Oliver and have over 220 pages of meat, fish, vegetarian, and vegan amongst other [recipes], it’s not just a cookbook.” 

The pair have been writing the first volume since January and it will become available in November, offering more than just the recipe for a tasty meal. 

“I really wanted to create a vehicle for these unsung heroes of the stove,” said Marky. 

The book focusses on the group members’ journey and relationship with food. 

Marky continued: “It includes chapters that vary from pickling, canning and fermenting to content highlighting, hand skills like pottery, glass blowing and flower arranging. 

“The music section features mixes and playlists across the full musical spectrum and articles on London’s, lost music venues, the newly opened Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas, rock ’n’ roll catering and the art and dedication of amateurism. 

“Beyond excited. This has been a wonderful journey of discovery and application very much rooted in the DIY ethic of punk rock and acid house. It’s self financed, published and produced. I’m incredibly proud to release our manual and share it beyond our extended community.”