The construction of Launceston Primary School has reached a pivotal stage as students leave their mark on the school.  

At the end of February 2023, some Launceston residents were shocked to receive a letter from Cornwall Council offering an update on the partially-built Launceston Primary School on Long Field Road, explaining that “a “Demolition counter nsotice” has been served upon the application and the person intending to carry out the demolition”. 

It was later revealed by the Department for Education (DfE) that the new school was marked for demolition as “several construction issues that do not comply with the DfE’s strict construction standards.”  

Since then, students at Launceston Primary School have been left without permanent residence, and many have been questioning how long it will be until the school is once again functional and ready to house pupils. 

Back in November, the DfE announced that construction of the new site had gotten underway. Speaking to the Post at the time, a spokesperson explained: “The school is now under construction and will be completed in due course. 

“DfE recently submitted a planning amendment application to change the car parking design at Launceston Primary School.” 

Since then, the Long Field Road site has been a hive of activity, with construction equipment working to rebuild Launceston Primary School. 

This week students at the school – who are currently based on site at Launceston College – made a visit to their future school.  

Students and staff donned their hi-vis vests and hard hats to get a glimpse of the steelworks which have been erected.  

However, most excitingly, pupils painted their hands and left their mark on one of the steel beams before seeing it lifted into place.

A spokesperson for the school explained: “Our pupils and staff couldn’t contain their excitement as we geared up in our hi-vis jackets, hard hats, and goggles to see the progress of the building so far!  

“While a significant portion of the work has been happening underground, we were thrilled to see the steel frame finally rising into view!” 

Kate Eyre, Headteacher, Launceston Primary School, added: “At Launceston Primary School, our motto is – ‘Let the adventure begin!’. It really felt like a new adventure began when our pupils had the chance to see the big build in action. It made it very real and exciting for all of us, and our children and staff really enjoyed being part of something truly special – leaving their handprints on the structure itself. 

“That is definitely a wonderful memory they will cherish when they walk into the new building next academic year, and for many years beyond. We are so pleased they had this wonderful experience. We are creating a remarkable legacy together and will continue to embrace each step of this journey with enthusiasm and dedication.” 

The project is currently on schedule to open to pupils in December.