Launceston Town Council has hit back after claims that a town public toilet was closed as a ‘cost cutting exercise’.  

The council had announced that it was implementing a temporary closure of the toilets in The Walk until further notice due to ongoing anti-social behaviour.  

Despite the statement, it led to claims locally that the reason the toilets had been closed was as part of a cost-cutting exercise by the town council, which also operates the toilets on Westgate Street.  

The Westgate Street toilets had themselves been recently reopened following repairs after being vandalised.  

In a statement clarifying the reasons for the closure of the public facility, a spokesperson for Launceston Town Council clarified that the reason it was closed was due to it being used as a location for illegal drug taken.  

The use of drugs and abandonment of associated paraphernalia exposed risks to staff and other users of the facility, says the town council.  

In a statement, a spokesperson for Launceston Town Council said: “Further to the comments posted (on social media) regarding the temporary closure of the toilets in The Walk car park, we can advise that this is not a cost cutting exercise, but has been undertaken whilst we work with the police, as the site has experienced anti-social behaviour regarding drug use. 

“As such, the Council has made the decision to close the site so as not to expose Council staff and users of the site to the dangers of used drug paraphernalia. 

“It is regrettable that this decision has been made, but alternative facilities are available at Westgate Street multi storey car park, following repairs to that site after they were recently vandalised.”