THE Launceston Carnival team have welcomed a new member to their committee as they work towards 2024’s event. 

The group responsible for organising one of the town’s most anticipated annual events have announced that the committee have all been re-elected. Along with this, they also welcome a new member and secretary to the group, Zara Allebone.  

Announcing the news, a spokesperson for the group said: “Your carnival committee have all been re-elected and we now welcome one new member - Zara to the team, who has gallantly agreed to be our new Secretary.  

“Welcome to the team Zara!”  

The committee has also explained that they are already working hard to plan 2024’s event which is set to take place on October 12. They have asked residents to provide their thoughts on what might improve the carnival this year.  

2024 will mark the 15th year since the carnival’s return. Speaking to the Post about 2023’s event, Chairman David Gordon said: “The good news is our carnival is growing in popularity every year.  

“As a committee we make changes every year to keep the parade and the day itself interesting.”  

Last year saw the introduction of the Walking Illuminated class to the parade.  

Asking residents for their ideas, a committee spokesperson added: “If you have any ideas to improve your carnival that you would like us to consider, please drop us a message or contact us via the website. 

“We look forwards to hearing from you as we are always willing to make tweaks or try new things for your enjoyment!”