The Bishop of St Germans, Hugh Nelson, recently came to bless the bells of Lanteglos Church following their refurbishment and re-tuning at John Taylor’s foundry in Loughborough.

It is more than 100 years ago since these historic bells could be seen at ground level. Their history dates back to 1549 and since then bells have been added to and had to be recast, resulting in six very fine bells.

The blessing took an unusual turn when the Bishop decided that rather than anointing the bells he would give them a ’wack’ with his crozier. Then for the largest bell he passed the crozier to the churchwarden Mary Pearce to perform the ’wack’.

This was a celebration of the bells return to their church where they will be hoisted back up again to ring out for important community events. Anyone interested in ringing the Lanteglos Bells or learning to ring should get in touch with John Pearce on 07740421393.