Insurance experts A-Plan Insurance havw come up with a list of tips to ‘survive’ a power cut.

The region has been hit by thunderstorms recently, that can affect power supplies, and the Government is also planning blackouts in January 2023 in Emergency Energy Plan.

What supplies should you have in your house in case of a power cut?

Here is a list of items we think are beneficial during a power cut:

  • Packs of pillar candles and matches
  • Hand heat packs and hats
  • Consider stocking up on cupboard items that you can cook on the hob or eat cold, and do not need to refrigerate.
  • Torches, allow one per person, plus replaceable batteries
  • Mobile phone power bank for emergency charging
  • Plastic tub to store all your bits and bobs so you know where it all is in the dark, something you can pull out of a cupboard or from under a bed with ease
  • Consider a car operated kettle if you don’t have a gas hob – ideal for emergency tea, noodles or soup
  • A battery-operated radio may be useful to listen to news reports – and save your mobile battery

A home generator could set you back from around £300 and upwards depending on what you need it for, but may be worth considering

An easy to reach First Aid kit is also essential – you may be in the middle of something, and the power goes out leading to an accident – or you may not be able to find plasters or other treatments need in the dark!

Before the planned outages in January 2023, we would recommend stocking up gradually to avoid the panic buying that this may bring in the New Year.

This could also give already cash-strapped consumers more time to ‘budget-purchase’ several items over the coming months.

While the basics are relatively inexpensive, if you work from home, for example, you may need more than just a few candles.

Some of the above items are an investment and would therefore be good to think about in the upcoming months.

Helpful simple tips for a power cut:

  • Switch of all of your electrical appliances – this helps to prevent a surge (and therefore another power cut!) when everything comes back on at the same time.
  • If you don’t have streetlights, leave one light on in the room that you are most likely to stay in, so that you can easily spot when the power comes back on.
  • Keep your fridge and freezer doors shut – your fridge will stay cold for around four hours, and your freezer a few days. You can also insulate your fridge using blankets or a sleeping bag to keep it cold for longer.
  • If you choose to run your fridge off a generator, ensure you choose the right starting and running watts depending on the size of your fridge.

There are plenty of online resources available to guide you on which one to choose.

Who to contact in the event of a power cut?

UK consumers are advised to call ‘105’ which is a new, free national phone line for power cuts. Most people call their energy supplier in a power cut, who are unable to help – you actually need to speak to your Local Distribution Company (LDC), and 105 will put you straight through to them.