We have ourselves a leap year, to me it is an unusual concept. But then time in general is a complex thread.

I did start thinking does every country have a leap year and it transpires they don’t so how does that keep everything in check. It is a baffling thought and one that will keep me musing for a while.

There is one good thought though and I hear many people say they don’t always have time to visit the cinema, well you now have an extra day to use on going to watch a film.

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New Releases


The second outing for this big budget reworking of Herbert’s classic sci-fi novels Dune hits cinemas on March 1.

An amazing cast helps to develop this modern classic even further. After a slight release delay due to the actors strike last Autumn the wait is definitely worth it.

Timothee Chalamet returns to head up the cast as Paul Atreides, a character unique in this galaxy as one that can see the future and is a long prophesised leader.

However he is facing the ultimate decision in pursuing revenge against those that killed his family, but his vengeance could come at an even higher price for the Universe. Knowing what the future holds should Paul share this burden or is it best to let events unfold naturally as difficult decisions lay ahead.

Joining Chalamet are Zendaya (returning from the first film as the Fremen warrior Chani), Florence Pugh (joining the series as Princess Irulan, heir to the throne of the universe), and Austin Butler (playing the dark prince Feyd-Rautha).

Early reviews are extremely positive and great praise for the cast helped by having four of the hottest young stars in the industry right now, even with Butler removed from his iconic locks and Elvis drawl he and the others are a big draw. It is certainly advised to watch the first film and with a third part already in production then this could ultimately become the greatest sci-fi trilogy of all time.