A NORTH CORNWALL town council has changed its flag flying policy from its buildings– with no flags aside from a select few now permitted.

At its most recent policy and resources committee, Bodmin Town Council discussed its flag flying policy, which prior to the meeting permitted requests to be made to and decided by town councillors.

However, in order to avoid any ambiguity, no flags other than those stipulated will now be permitted, meaning that only flags listed in its policy will be flown from premises owned by the council.

The change of policy means that the only flags permitted to be flown comprises of the Flag of St Piran, commonly known as the Cornish Flag, and the Union Jack on certain occasions related to the royal family, including birthdays of senior royals, St George’s Day, and the King’s wedding and coronation anniversaries among them.

As a result, flags commonly requested to be flown during the year, including the Pride flag and D-Day will no longer be permitted on town council buildings.

Agreeing the policy, councillors comprising of the town’s policy and resources committee stressed the desire to remain politically neutral and not placing councillors at risk of accusation of bias if the previous system was retained.