A school in Stratton has received a donation which hopes to enhance the learning of children with special educational needs.  

Community partner of the Royal Mencap Society – a charity which provides personalised support to people with learning disabilities– Lorraine Corrigan-Turner recently visited Stratton Primary School to present some exciting material.  

Speaking to the Post, Lorraine explained: “I had been contacted by the creators of a computer program called Nessy, an award-winning program that has been helping students all over the world improve their reading, writing, and spelling for more than 20 years.  

“My son, Harry,  attended Stratton Primary School and used the Nessy program whilst at school and during the COVID period when schooling at home. He loved using the program. So, when Tiffany from Nessy got in contact with me, through the Mencap and Cornwall Parents Carers-backed group, ‘Bude Autism, ADHD, and SEN Support Group’, I was slightly star struck!   

“Knowing how much the program had helped my own son. To be given the opportunity to present these vouchers to people felt a huge privilege.”  

After reaching out, Mike and Tiffany from Nessy provided three bags, each bag containing a voucher for 30 licences, worth a huge £825. Lorraine was able to choose the places to offer the vouchers to. 

Lorraine continued: “I contacted Mrs Collidge at Stratton Primary School, my son’s former teacher, to ask if they would like to receive one of these vouchers, I was pleased they were as over the moon as I was.  

“Unfortunately, Tiffany and Mike were unable to make the presentation, but hope to visit the school soon. 

“We arranged to come along to present the voucher. Myself, Gary (Mencap Community Connector) and Harry, my son, a Year 9 pupil at Budehaven Community School, were met by Mrs Bridgman and Mrs Collidge and were shown into the library, to be greeted by 11 students, who were sat together all using Nessy! 

“Myself, Gary and Harry had a wonderful time at Stratton Primary, it was so lovely to meet some of the children that already use the program and knowing it will benefit them and others at the school.”