A TORCHLIT parade, live music and a procession of revellers in masked disguise will be part of Callington’s new winter festival. 

Kelliwik Golowi - meaning ‘lighting up Callington’ in Cornish – will take place on Saturday November 25 from 5.15pm. 

The event aims to bring people together and bring light to the start of the darker, colder season. 

Workshops have been taking place where local youngsters and adults have been busy making costumes, masks and lanterns for the procession. 

And a band has been formed especially for the event, with weekly practice sessions to get furry tunes and traditional songs ready to accompany the dancers. 

On the day there’ll be music, dance and merriment around the town centre, starting at 12 noon – 2pm with the Kelliwik Golowi Band at The Bulls Head. 

This free, family-friendly dance session will be led by Carmen Hunt from ScootsKernow. 

Meanwhile a mock election – to vote in a ‘mayor’ just for the festival parade – will take place in the Bulls Head at 7pm this Saturday November 18. 

“The election is just for fun!” said Sarah Slocombe, one of the festival organisers. 

“Candidates may be nominated by local community groups, pubs, clubs and individuals. They will have to promote their policies to a jury selected on the night. The more bizarre and funny their policies are, the more likely they will be elected! Bribes will be allowed, with all money going to local charities.” 

Organisers hope that Kelliwik Golowi, with its focus on fire and light, will bring laughter and wonder just when it is needed as the nights draw in. 

Entertainment will be taking place in the road between St Mary’s Square and John Smith’s Tyres (there will be a road closure). 

A showcase of performances will include the best of Cornish music and dance, says Sarah. 

Jilly’s Belly Dancers, Wreckers Borfer Morris, Catseye Morris, Lodestone Morris, Barrel Morris, Queenie and the Jester, Scoots Kernow, and Rosie Rainbow Circus will be among those performing. With the Callington Lions Club and Rotary Club helping with marshalling, a whole host of local groups, organisations and individuals are supporting and taking part in the festival: Callington Primary School, Wild Thyngz Forest School, Callington Running Group, Callington Youth Project Group, Recycling for Charity, Just Having Fun Facepainting, The Bull’s Head, The Clink, Phil’s Papers, The Royal British Legion, The Town Crier and Calllington Social Club.

Several businesses will be opening late especially for the event, including The Cornish Bakery and Proper Job Pasties. The Snack Shop will be serving soup, The Cornish Ancestor have brewed up a special Golowi beer – and at Lost Surfers they’ve created a Golowi flaming cocktail!

Sarah has been working hard with Peter Watson and Julie Barker to bring the festival together. She said: “The idea for Kelliwik Golowi started with a trip to Penzance and their midwinter festival Montol. I just thought – wow – if we could bring a tenth of that energy and excitement to the streets of Callington we would be doing well.

“We wanted to involve young people in Callington and I asked what would it take to get them involved in the parade. They said fire!”

The Callington Youth Project group has sponsored the cost of some fire circus skills workshops, enabling four of the town’s young people to do a performance.

“Local people want to showcase what Callington can do to try and encourage visitors back onto our streets,” Sarah continued.

“So many local people are working so hard to make this an amazing event, and a celebration of our vibrant community.

“Together, let’s create memories that will last a lifetime and bring our community closer than ever before!”