A familiar site will soon be back in place in Bude as the official opening of Compass Point has been announced.  

Bude-Stratton Town Council have announced that the town’s project to relocate the iconic Storm Tower is nearly complete.  

The council announced that the project will host its grand opening ceremony on March 5. 

A spokesperson for Bude-Stratton Town Council said: "We're thrilled to invite the entire community to the opening ceremony of the Storm Tower at Compass Point, marking the completion of the project to save this beloved landmark. 

"Please dress appropriately for the event; the adventure to the tower is part of the experience! We advise wearing suitable footwear as the ground may be muddy. 

"For everyone's safety please follow the designated route to the tower via Break Water Road. We ask that you avoid using Church Path, as it is currently not suitable for large groups due to its condition. 

"Looking forward to seeing you there and celebrating together!"