Bude-Stratton Town Council has issued a warning to residents about using metal detectors on council land.  

The plea came after a person using a metal detector was caught using their device on land at The Castle and digging up part of the turf.  

With metal detecting banned on Bude-Stratton Town Council land, the authority has issued a reminder to residents after the actions of the detector user damaged turf on the Castle lawn.  

A spokesperson for Bude-Stratton Town Council said that while they wouldn’t take action against the perpetrator this time, if it occurs again now, they’ve issued the reminder to residents, they would be forced to take further action.  

The spokesperson said: “Our CCTV has captured someone using a metal detector on The Castle lawn. Unfortunately, the turf that was dug up and hastily put back down will remain damaged for a significant time due to the dry weather. 

“We are not taking immediate action this time, but we want to be clear that metal detecting is not allowed on our grounds. If this occurs again, we will be forced to take it further."