A CHARITY in Bude has spoken out after displays hoping to raise awareness for childhood cancer were reportedly vandalised. 

Sarah Penny, the founder of Talan’s Trust, has expressed her frustration after part of their Go Gold campaign displays around the town were damaged.

Across September, the charity, which hopes to raise awareness for childhood cancer, brought a bit of shine to the town as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month’s ‘Go Gold’ campaign. 

The charity turned the streets of Bude gold, decorating the town with golden bicycles. 

Sarah, chair of the trust, explained: “There are 17 bikes out in Bude and surrounding schools, we hope to have even more next year! 

“They each represent a child who has either lost their life to childhood cancer or can no longer ride their bike due to disabilities caused by the very treatment given. Each bike has a leaflet with the signs and symptoms on one side and a photograph of Talan on the other.” 

However, following some suspected vandalism of their displays, and even some bikes going missing, the trust has spoken out.  

Sarah said: “Very sad to say that when our committee went to the canal to collect our gold bike, it has gone. Please if you have seen it could you let us know? 

“This year so many labels were torn off, we had to keep replacing them. Our bikes near Bude Juniors, Stratton and Budehaven schools were taken down too. 

“To those who think it’s funny to take them for a joy ride or keep pulling the labels off, I get it, I really do. Its a laugh, and a giggle, what a hoot to take one for a jolly and keep ripping the labels off. 

“What I’d like to say is this, Talan was just a boy, a lovely, funny, up for a laugh boy who played rugby, football, swam, and played tennis. [He] Was cheeky, and naughty and a complete monkey. But what he did have in spades was a profound sense of right and wrong, looked out for the underdog… always and would never have stolen or damaged something. Never in a lifetime did I think he’d get cancer, never in a lifetime did his family think he would. But he did and he died and it could happen to any of you at any time. 

“Please if you know where it is just drop me a message, no questions asked, show your kids this post, maybe one of them knows something, and please keep your eyes peeled!”