Altarnun Primary pupils from Years 5 and 6 have been busy working on a STEM project called ‘Greenpower’, where the children build a battery powered go-kart ‘Goblin’ to race.

Helped by officers from the Royal Navy, the children designed and built this year’s Goblin in the style of their class mascot - ‘Moover’ the highland cow from Grassmen.

A spokesperson said: “Their teamwork and collaboration were nothing short of inspiring.

“After weeks of preparation, designing, building, racing and tinkering — it was time to race! Witnessing our pupils working together seamlessly, sharing ideas, and supporting one another was a truly remarkable experience.

“They demonstrated remarkable maturity and understanding of the importance of collaboration, and their efforts paid off brilliantly.”

Altarnun Primary, along with its fellow colleagues and friends from Egloskerry Primary walked away with multiple wins between them, with Altarnun overall champions, winning second place in the Drag Race, first in the Slalom, first in the Race of Champions and first overall, having accumulated the most points over the day.

The spokesperson continued: “Over the course of the day, it was wonderful to see how the teams from Altarnun and Egloskerry had become a unified team across both schools, seamlessly working together as one entity, sharing tools, helping each other mend issues with cars and being kind to one another.

“The transformation from individual efforts to a collective force was awe-inspiring. Their ability to communicate effectively, respect each other’s opinions, and make decisions as a team was truly remarkable.

“The accomplishments our pupils achieved throughout the day are a testament to their belief in themselves and their capabilities.

“They overcame challenges, pushed boundaries, and achieved beyond their expectations. It was an invaluable learning experience that fostered self-belief, resilience, and determination.

“The smiles on their faces as they celebrated their successes were simply priceless.”