PA23/04299 – An application to change the use of a farm building from agricultural to commercial use near Bodmin has been given the green light by Cornwall Council. 

A proposal was submitted for planning permission to Cornwall Council’s planning department requesting permission for change of use for an agricultural building to commercial use as a micro-brewery in a building at Pendewey Farm, Stony Lane, Bodmin. 

The application, by Mr Stephen Oakes would see the creation of a mail-order microbrewery with the capacity to brew around 250 litres to 300 litres at once, with products sold to customers directly as well as the potential for stocking at small local shops. 

In the application, Mr Oakes explained to Cornwall Council why he was seeking the change of use of Pendewey Farm. 

He said: “We have been resident at Pendewey Farm since 2000. Historically Pendewey was a major farm in the area, but the previous owner sold much of the land and reduced the farm to under 50 acres. 

“To maintain a viable income over the years we have diversified with holiday cottages and livery, while maintaining the holding number and having some cattle still on the farm.

“We see an opportunity for a small scale Micro Brewery, based around a 250 -300 litre brewing capacity, selling direct to clients through mail order as well as selected local outlets, where we can promote being small, local and a quality product. The range of products will be small, with a core of around 3-4 beer types promoted.”

Bodmin Town Council supported the application by Mr Oakes. 

Approving the application, Cornwall Council set the following conditions for approval, telling Mr Oakes: “Notwithstanding the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (or any Order revoking, re-enacting or modifying that Order), the premises shall be used as a microbrewery only and for no other purpose (including any other purpose in Class E(g) of the Schedule to the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, or in any provision equivalent to that Class in any statutory instrument revoking and re-enacting that Order). 

“Reason: To protect the rural character of the area and in the interest of residential amenities as the site is within close proximity to a site allocated for residential development within the Development Plan. In accordance with Policies 12 and 23 of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010-2030 and paragraph 17, 130 and 174 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2021.”

PA23/03311: An application to demolish an existing garage and to rebuild it as a one-bedroomed annexe for ancillary accommodation and/or a holiday let in Kilkhampton has been approved by Cornwall Council. 

The conditional approval stated: “The development hereby permitted shall be used only as annexe or holiday accommodation ancillary to the dwelling currently known as Demellian, Aldercombe Lane, Kilkhampton and shall be used for no other purpose, including any other purpose in Class C3 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, as amended. The existing dwelling and the approved annexe/holiday accommodation shall thereafter be maintained as a single planning unit. The development hereby permitted shall not be used as a person’s sole or main residence and the owners/operators shall maintain an up-to-date register of the names of all occupiers of the holiday unit, and of their main home addresses, and shall make this information available at all reasonable times to the Local Planning Authority. 

“Reason: The Local Planning Authority consider that the proposed annexe would be inappropriate for occupation independent of the main dwelling by virtue of the physical relationship between the annexe and the main house which would create inadequate levels of residential amenity for the occupiers of both in accordance with Policies 12 and 13 of the Cornwall Local Plan.”