WELL ‘alright’ - that was a proper panto!

Stoke Climsland Amateur Theatrical Society (SCATS) held the first showing of their annual pantomime last night (February 14) and oh boy was it a special Valentine’s Day treat for all who came to watch.

This year’s pantomime is based on the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men — Cornish style.

The pantomime is set in the Middle Ages in the county of Cornwall. It follows the journey of Robin (Neva L’Arbalestier) and his band of trusty men as they battle it out with the Lord High Sheriff of Callington (Jarvis L’Arbalestier) who lives in Callington Castle with his mother, Drogana (Lyn Crawley).

Of course, there are the classic characters of Will Scarlett (Nico Miniailo), Friar Tuck (Udy Tomlinson) and Maid Marion (Tiggie-Lou Whitton) but this play has included a number of other characters —including a few who seem to have got lost in the wrong panto!

During last night’s performance, each actor and actress put on a fantastic show — everyone knew their lines and embodied their character to a tee.

The set, the backstage crew and the sound/lighting team did a fantastic job of supporting the cast on stage and made sure everything ran ‘panto’ smooth.

Overall, a brilliant local pantomime and not one to miss this month!

The pantomime will take place in Stoke Climsland Parish Hall on Friday, February 16, and Friday, February 23, at 7pm, Saturday, February 17, and Saturday, February 24, at 2pm and 7pm. 

Tickets are available from Stoke Climsland Post Office. 

To find out more visit: scatsociety.org.uk