Another excellent day for Anderson at Upper Tamar Lake

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Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club race report — Sunday, June 11

AM Sailboat 7

ON such an extremely windy day, only six boats started the first race – two Laser Radials, three reefed Toppers and a short-sailed Bosun!

There were very strong gusts with a hint of rain at the start. Vicki Duncalf in her Topper was overly enthusiastic to get away at the gun and had to restart. Bob Sampson (Laser Radial) and Jane Anderson (Topper) both capsized within minutes of setting off – Anderson right on Middle mark, which meant the fleet had to negotiate her as well for the rounding of it out towards West.

It was a hard beat to that mark but Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert in the Bosun were first to round and led from there almost to Far mark with Sue Murray (Topper), James Pollard (Laser Radial), Anderson, Sampson and Duncalf following.

James Pollard overhauled his father at Far, but it was Sampson who first appeared round the headland after that rounding followed by James Pollard and then it was fast planing for all the fleet down to Zebra mark and beyond to Dam Green mark in rough waters and almost unmanageable gusts.

Sadly, James Pollard retired after the first lap, concerned about his newly repaired boat and it was time for the Toppers to do some catching up!

Murray led them through the start line to commence the second lap with Anderson and Duncalf not far behind, and the Bosun in the middle of them. Murray then capsized en-route to Middle, but recovered quickly enough to maintain her lead, but she then capsized again trying to get to West Mark, allowing Anderson to nip in along with Brian Pollard and Gilbert. Sampson was by now on his way to Far as Murray capsized again! At Far all the sailors struggled to stay up.

Sampson had now disappeared into the distance and as Duncalf rounded Dam mark, he was nearing Far mark at the other end of the lake!

Murray, now an expert at righting a Topper, capsized again on the way to Middle Mark, and all three Toppers were struggling to keep upright between Middle and West marks.

Even Brian Pollard and Gilbert had their moments. Sampson took well deserved line honours when the rest of the fleet were still making their way to the top of the lake.

But in the closing section of the race there was fierce competition between Pollard and Anderson (who had been just behind the Bosun throughout the race). She finally overtook him at Dam mark only to fall into a lull, which allowed Pollard to overtake her again just before the finish line.

Murray came in next with Duncalf only 20 seconds behind but remaining upright throughout the race!


Winner: Jane Anderson (Topper); Runner-up: Bob Sampson (Laser Radial); 3rd: S Murray (Topper); 4th: V Duncalf (Topper); 5th: B Pollard & C Gilbert (Bosun)

PM Ladies, Junior and Gosling Shield 3

THERE were no Juniors today and just two ladies competing in the Ladies Cup.

The course was the same as the morning with the weather just as bad, so five sailors set off with the Lasers having had to down grade their sail size to 4.7!

James Pollard had a brilliant start with Bob Sampson only seconds behind as he rounded West first.

Anderson and Murray managed to overtake Pollard at the mark. The Lasers romped away to Far, both planing easily in the gusts and they had a real duel throughout the race. On the second lap, both Lasers rounded Middle mark together with James Pollard managing to get ahead of Sampson on the way to Far.

On the run down the lake to Dam Green, Sampson tried to attack Pollard to windward, finally overtaking him at Dam Green.

Sampson then increased his lead in the final lap and there was some spectacular planing by the pair of them between Far and Dam Green – especially in the very windy panel across the inlet.

Further back, Jane increased her lead over Sue and Brian and Cilla; Bob maintained his lead over James and took line honours.


Ladies Cup?—

Winner: Jane Anderson (Topper); Runner-up: Sue Murray (Topper)

Gosling Shield —

Winner: Bob Sampson (Laser 4.7); Runner-up: James Pollard (Laser 4.7); 3rd: J Anderson (Topper); 4th: S Murray (Topper); 5th: B Pollard & C Gilbert (Bosun)

Thanks were expressed to John Dabbs and Sally Wills for sharing Officer of the Day duties and to Mandy Pollard for the photography.

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