Duncalf leads from the start to win the Pursuit 3 race

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Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club race report — Sunday, June 4

AM Sailboat 6

THE morning started off dry and bright with light airs, but by the time the noon race commenced the wind had freshened to a breeze.

Twelve boats set off to the West mark on a whole line start, giving sailors ample choice on their position along the line.

All four Lasers of James Pollard, Penny Abbott, Sue Murray and Jane Anderson had really good starts along with the two Duncalf Toppers.

As a result, they all bunched up at the first mark with Anderson leading the fleet round to Middle mark and Pollard hot on her heels.

The winds were quite gusty at times which made it difficult for helms to keep their boats absolutely upright and a lot of ship’s bottoms were often on display.

At the end of the first lap, Anderson and Pollard had pulled out a decent lead, with Abbott and Roger Heasman in his Streaker fighting it out between them as they rounded Dam Green mark. There was a slight hitch on the final Zebra mark of the lap when both of them missed it completely and had to go back which allowed Vicki Duncalf in her Topper to sneak in ahead of them.

Pollard finally managed to overhaul Anderson at West mark on the second lap, but couldn’t shake her off completely.

Further back in the race saw Alan Comber and John Weller in their Enterprise reversing at West, and Geoff Floyd’s Solo in irons for a while between Zebra and West as the skies started to darken and the gusts increased.

On the final lap, Cilla Gilbert, with Bob Sampson as crew and mentor in the Bosun, met up with Alan Comber and John Weller in a Port/Starboard situation at West (the windward mark) with Comber having to give way as he was on port tack, and Gilbert deftly rounding the mark in front.

In the now considerable tricky sailing conditions, and the sky now looking black, the fleet finished with Pollard taking line honours as they then all retired to the clubhouse for lunch as the rain came down!


Winner: Jane Anderson (Laser Radial); Runner-up: James Pollard (Laser); 3rd: S Murray (Laser R); 4th: V Duncalf (Topper); 5th: J Duncalf (Topper); 6th: C Gilbert & B Sampson (Bosun); 7th: P Abbott (Laser); 8th: R Heasman (Streaker); 9th: J Dabbs (Gull); 10th: J Savage (Solo); 11th: A Comber & J Weller (Enterprise); 12th: G Floyd (Solo)

PM Pursuit 3

THIS is a timed start chase race where the slower boats start first on a staggered time schedule (according to boat speed and helm performance) and the faster boats end up starting at the back.

John Duncalf started first at 2.15pm followed by the rest of the fleet all at different times, while Graham Joyce in his Laser had to start last at 2.35pm as he hasn’t earned his spurs yet on the handicap front.

The chase was on and Duncalf had finished one lap and was commencing his second before the last three boats had even started, so there was a lot of work to do.

The three Lasers of Penny Abbott, Linda Spiller and James Pollard made fast ground downwind overhauling the Bosun of Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert.

Duncalf was making great progress on his second lap whilst at the back of the fleet Joyce was just about to overtake Geoff Floyd when he went for a swim in a nasty gust and ended up at the back again.

This allowed Vicki Duncalf to nip through once again in her quest to catch John Duncalf up.

As the race progressed, the gusty conditions allowed for some excellent planning, allowing boats to overtake with ease if they managed their plane well, and it seemed John Duncalf’s lead was unstoppable.

In the last 15 minutes of the race the whole fleet started to bunch up (with the idea that after the calculated 68 minute duration, all boats should finish together) but he was under no threat as he serenely cruised up the lake again to take the final hooter.


Winner: John Duncalf (Topper); Runner-up: James Pollard (Laser); 3rd: R Heasman (Solo); 4th: J Anderson (Laser Radial); 5th: P Abbott (Laser); 6th: V Duncalf (Topper); 7th: J Savage (Solo); 8th: B Sampson (Laser); 9th: L Spiller (Laser Radial); 10th: J Dabbs (Gull); 11th: B Pollard & C Gilbert (Bosun); 12th: J Weller & A Comber (Enterprise); 13th: G Floyd (Solo)

Sadly Graham Joyce, despite him recovering from his capsize and sailing on in his Laser, was disqualified for going the wrong side of Home 1 mark.

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